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(If there is a Bank Holiday it will be the Monday after)

Memory Worship

Memory Worship is a new service that has been created to support the spiritual needs of people living with dementia.  This short service takes a regular pattern of welcome, singing well known hymns, listening to a familiar passage of scripture, followed by a brief talk, prayers then saying the Lord's Prayer.  Dementia can leave sufferers and their carers feeling isolated.  We understand how this can feel and our Dementia Friends trained team can offer support and help.

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Church members

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Memory Worship services take place from 2-3.30pm at Thorpe Bay Methodist Church, on the first Monday of each month (if there is a Bank Holiday it is the Monday after).  The idea of this type of service is to provide a safe area for all those with or without dementia to come together to experience a time of worship and prayer, sing songs, chat and much more.  After the service we provide tasty treats and drinks for all to enjoy and we then host fun activities and simple crafts.  We believe it is vital to recognise people's faith at all levels, even if they can no longer express this verbally, in order to provide a caring environment where they can approach God, worship and praise him within a friend community.

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