Thorpe Bay's Life and Mission

The calling of Thorpe Bay Methodist is to respond to gospel of God's love in Christ in our community. By focussing around four themes

  •  Worship that enables people to connect with God.
  •  Caring that allows people to experience the care of Christ in diverse ways.
  •   Learning that builds faith and empower others to grow as disciples of Christ.
  •  Mission that engages with this community and enables us to tell others of the love of God.

Our Mission Statement

We believe we are called by God, and his people,
to demonstrate the life of Christ in the local community,
through worship, teaching and witness.
We commit to continually challenging ourselves
on how best to meet this calling individually and as a church
and as a part of the wider body of Christ,
and to being a welcoming and supportive fellowship.
We are here to worship God but, as many will know,
this can take many forms.  
If you like what you see, like what we say,
and would like to be involved, why not
make contact here.   
Better still, come in and see us and if you need directions
find us here.